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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Service

We specialize in Abrasive Water Jet processes, using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM integrated water jet technology to cut materials such as  steel, plastic, tile, kevlar, and virtually all other surfaces.

          Our main service is customer satisfaction. Old fashioned values like honesty and integrity are the backbone of our company, and have helped us become one of New England's leading water jet cutting shops. We are in the cutting business. Waterjets and Abrasive jets are quickly becoming the new standard for precision cutting worldwide because it is fast, flexible and precise. Since we use a small diameter jet capable of cutting even the hardest of materials with an omni-directional motion, it is a very valuable tool for a number of applications. Here are a few of the many popular uses for water jet cutting:

Aerospace & Defense

We have extensive experience working with the US military on machining precise water jet cutting & CNC machining parts for aerial delivery products and services. Products include cargo parachute release clips as well as a cargo delivery system by a black hawk helicopter.


We accurately produce parts for products that are sold on the retail market, as well as many of the parts used to make the machines on assembly lines. The water jet is an essential tool to create custom machines.

Model Making / Rapid Prototyping

Fast turn around of single or limited quantity production of nearly any material. 


The waterjet is capable of cutting any material in any contour from your CAD file with beautiful results. Sign logos and fonts will be reproduced with complete accuracy.

Metal Stamping, Tool and Die Makers:

Eliminate tooling costs on short run items by having them waterjet cut. Hard to stamp materials are no problem for the waterjet. Save time and money by jetcutting stripper plates instead of wire EDM.

Architectual and Interior Design

Custom flooring, counter-tops, back splashes and more from marble and stone, as well as architectural details from different types of metals such as railings, stairs, etc.

Automotive & Transportation

Prototyping and production parts for automobiles, and the tooling for making automobiles, trains, boats, ships, motorcycles. 


Stained glass, marble and stone, metal sculpture, jewelry, and more.

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